Toshikazu Ono

Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University
Associate professor

Participating Group (2020-2021)

Planned creation and development of organic metastable crystals using salt-cocrystal continuum phase

Salt–cocrystal Continuum, Multicomponent Crystal, Phase Transition, Soft Crystal

Research Outline

The regulation of proton transfer dynamics between acid–base complexes is of significant interest in the pharmaceutical industry and materials chemistry. It is generally accepted that ⊿pKa values (pKa (protonated base) – pKa (acid)) and the crystalline environment determine the extent of proton transfer, which is recognized as a ⊿pKa rule. When the pKa value is greater than 4, a salt is expected to form (all components are charged), and a pKa value below -1 leads toward cocrystals forming (all components in their neutral states). However, when ⊿pKa is in the range of -1 < ⊿pKa < 4, the crystals exist as a molecular salt, a cocrystal, or a disordered solid with partial proton transfer forms, and the location of the acidic proton is dependent on the specific crystal packing environment. In this study, we focus on the fact that the salt-cocrystal continuum is a metastable crystals, and realize the systematic creation of “multi-component soft crystals” that show changes in optical properties in response to various external stimuli.

Planned Creation and Development of Organic Metastable Crystals
Emission Color Changes of Salt–Cocrystal Continuum depends of Degree of Protonation


Academic papers/reviewed


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Media, Outreach activity, Patent, others


  • Multicomponent Crystals with Competing Intermolecular Interactions: In Situ X-ray Diffraction and Luminescent Features Reveal Multimolecular Assembly of Mechanochemical Conditions
    Yoshio Yano,Hidetaka Kasai,Yanyan Zheng,Eiji Nishibori,Yoshio Hisaeda,Toshikazu Ono
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2022, e202203853. (領域内共同研究A02公募西堀)キョウドウケンkニュウ