Takuya Taniguchi

Center for Data Science, Waseda University
Associate Professor (without tenure)

Research AreasMaterial Science, Organic Photochemistry
Participating Group (2020-2021)

Development of Mechanical Soft Crystals by Photo-Triggered Phase Transition

Photo-Triggered Phase Transition, Mechanical Soft Crystal, Photoisomerization, Structural Phase Transition, Photo-actuator
Co-Researcher: Hideko Koshima (Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation, Waseda University, Adjunct Researcher)

Research Outline

Mechanically responsive organic materials induced by external stimuli such as light and heat have much attention from the prospect of novel smart actuators for soft robotics. In the course to diversify the actuation behaviors of molecular crystals, this researcher has discovered a new phase transition named “photo-triggered phase transition”. The photo-triggered phase transition originates from a small strain of photoproducts, inducing crystal structure change of a photochromic crystal though a domino-like effect. The manifestation of the photo-triggered phase transition is reversible, and therefore allows repeatable photo-functions. This research aims to develop mechanically responsive soft crystals induced by the photo-triggered phase transition, contributing to the development of soft crystal’s science.

Manifestation Mechanism of the Photo-triggered Phase Transition
Stepwise Motion by the Photo-triggered Phase Transition


Academic papers/reviewed


  1. “Superelasticity of a photo-actuating chiral salicylideneamine crystal” *T. Taniguchi, K. Ishizaki, D. Takagi, K. Nishimura, H. Shigemune, M. Kuramochi, Y. C. Sasaki, H. Koshima, T. Asahi, Commun. Chem., 5, 4 (2022). (領域内共同研究 A02公募 倉持) 
  2. "Actuation performance of a photo-bending crystal modeled by machine learning-based regression" K. Ishizaki, R. Sugimoto, Y. Hagiwara, H. Koshima, *T. Taniguchi, T. Asahi, CrystEngComm, 23, 5839-5847 (2021).

International conferences


  1. “Actuation and mechanical properties of a crystal with the photo-triggered phase transition”T. Taniguchi, T. Asahi, H. Koshima, Pacifichem 2021, 3411855 (Online, Dec. 22, 2021)
  2. “Actuation force and elastic properties of photomechanical crystals” T. Taniguchi, K. Ishizaki, T. Asahi, H. Koshima, Pacifichem 2021, 3440813 (Online, Dec. 21, 2021)
  3. “Contribution of CH…π Interactions to Phase Transition of a Chiral Crystal”D. Takagi, T. Taniguchi, T. Asahi, Molecular Chirality Asia 2020 (Online, Japan, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2020)
  4. “Data-driven Control of Actuation Performance of a Photo-bending Chiral Crystal”K. Ishiazaki, Y. Hagiwara, H. Koshima, T, Taniguchi, T. Asahi, Molecular Chirality Asia 2020 (Online, Japan, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2020)
  5. “Data-driven Control of Photo-Bending Behavior of Hybrid Silicones Mixed with Azobenzene Powder”T. Taniguchi (Invited), Carbon Materials and Nanotechnology (CMAN-2021) (Online, Singapore, Jan. 7, 2021)
  6. “Mechanical Motions of Photochromic Chiral Salicylideneamine Crystals Induced by Photo-triggered Phase Transition” Y. Hagiwara, T. Taniguchi, T. Asahi, H. Koshima, Molecular Chirality Asia 2020 (Online, Japan, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2020)

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