Shotaro Hayashi

Graduate School of Environmental Science Engineering, Kochi University of Technology
Associate Professor

Research AreasOrganic Materials Science, Coordination Chemistry
Participating Group (2020-2021)

Analyses and Development of Functional of Soft Crystals with Molecular Domino Transformation

Elastically Deformable Organic Crystals, Plastically Deformable Organic Crystals, π-Conjugated Molecules, Organic Devices, Large Scale DFT Calculation Simulation
Co-Researcher: Michio Katouda (Waseda University, Researcher)
Co-Researcher: Satoshi Watanabe (Kumamoto University, Assistant Professor)
Co-Researcher: Norihisa Hoshino (Tohoku University, Assistant Professor)

Research Outline

Since Elastically Deformable Organic Crystals (Elastic Organic Crystals) have a function as an entropic elasticity which has not been available in organic crystals, it is possible to provide new material innovation that cannot be achieved by polymer materials. I focused on the slight movement of π-conjugated molecules in the crystal structure and developed a large number of elastically deformable functional organic crystals (soft crystals). By studying such deformable crystals with optoelectronic functionalities, I have discovered various phenomena such as deformation-induced photoluminescence changes and flexible optical waveguide applications. Based on these works, we aim to create new soft crystals by predicting the crystal structure by molecular and crystal simulation, elucidate the basic principle of the phenomenon by devising large-scale DFT simulation and new analysis methods, and further applications of soft crystal composites.

(top) Rubber bending deformation. (bottom) Elastic crystal bending deformation.


Academic papers/reviewed


  1. “Mechanically Flexible and Optically Tunable Organic Crystal Resonator” S. Zhao, H. Yamagishi, O. Oki, Y. Ihara, N. Ichiji, A. Kubo, *S. Hayashi,* Y. Yamamoto, Advanced Optical Materials, 2101808 (2021) DOI: 10.1002/adom.20210180
  2. ”Thermo-triggered Domino-like Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Phase Transition from Face-to-edge to Face-to-face Packing of Anthracene” Y. Hino, *S. Hayashi, Chemistry-A European Journal, 27, 17595-17600 (2021)
  3. “Curving Deformation-induced Photoluminescence Changes and Anisotropy Analysis in Elastic Organic Crystals” *S. Hayashi, CrystEngComm, 23, 5763-5767 (2021)
  4. " Functional Flexible Molecular Crystals: Intrinsic and Mechanoresponsive Properties “ T. Seki, N. Hoshino, Y. Suzuki, *S. Hayashi, CrystEngComm, 23, 5686-5696 (2021)
  5. “Anisotropic Poisson Effect and Deformation-induced Fluorescence Change of Elastic 9,10-Dibromoanthracene Single Crystals” *S. Hayashi, F. Ishiwari, T. Fukushima, S. MIkage, Y. Imamura, M. Tashiro, M. Katouda, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 59, 16195-16201 (2020)

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