Ryuta Ishikawa

Faculty of Science, Fukuoka University
Assistant Professor

Research AreasCoordination Chemistry, Molecular Magnetism
Participating Group (2018-2019)

Development of Photo-switchable Multifunctional Soft Crystal Devices Combining Magnetism and Conductivity

Multifunctional Molecule, External Stimuli, Soft Crystal, Spin Transition, Electron Conductivity
Co-Researcher:Satoshi Kawata(Faculty of Science, Fukuoka University, Professor)

Research Outline

In order to control physical properties of multifunctional molecules induced by external stimuli sensitively, it is necessary to develop a new synthetic approach of crystalline materials with structural rigidity and flexibility. For this point of view, this research project aims the construction of multifunctional soft crystals coupled with magnetic and electrical conducting properties. Such multifunctional soft crystals with magnetic and electrical conducting properties could respond to external perturbations such as heat and light sensitively. In addition, the use of photo-switchable magnetic-electrical conductive soft crystals might be applied to create intriguing devices. Therefore, this project will also carry out the developing new photo-switchable magnetic-electrical conductive device based on soft crystals.

Construction of soft crystal with rigidity and flexibility
Photo-switchable magnetic-conductivity multifunctional soft crystal


Academic papers/reviewed


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