Motohiro Mizuno

NanoMaterials Research Institute, Kanazawa University

Research AreasPhysical Chemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Nanostructural chemistry
Participating Group (2020-2021)

Solid-State NMR Study of Vapochromism in Metal Complexes

Vapochromism, Platinum Complex, Solid-State NMR, Molecular Motion, Local Structure Analysis
Co-Researcher: Yasuhiro Shigeta (NanoMaterials Research Institute, Kanazawa University, Assistant Professor)
Co-Researcher: Fumiyuki Ishii (NanoMaterials Research Institute, Kanazawa University, Associate Professor)

Research Outline

Vapochromism is one of the interesting phenomena of soft crystals. In metal complexes exhibiting vaporpochromism, the structural change of the host due to vapor adsorption triggers the color change, and development of highly functional vaporochromic materials can be expected by controlling the host structure formed by the metal complex. The research subjects are development of solid-state NMR methods for analyzing local structure, dynamics, and electronic state in vapochromic metal complex and analysis of local structural change in vapochromic metal complex due to vapor adsorption. X-ray structure analysis and theoretical calculation are added to solid-state NMR analysis to elucidate the mechanism of vapochromism and provide useful information for material design. The developed solid-state NMR methods will be utilized for the development of the vapor-chromic metal complex having multi-step color change properties.

Motion of molecules adsorbed on vaporochromic metal complex and corresponding 2H NMR spectra


Academic papers/reviewed


  • "Coordination-based Vapochromic Behavior of a Luminescent Pt(II) Complex with Potassium Ions" Y. Shigeta, R. Nanko, S. Amemori, and *M. Mizuno, RSC Advances 2021, 11, 30046-30053

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