Masaki Kawano

Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research AreasInorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
Participating Group (2020-2021)

Elucidation of Excited Structure of Luminescent Network Complex

Coordination Polymer, Crystal Chemistry, Excited structure, Luminescence
Co- Researcher: Munetaka Iwamura (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, University of Toyama, Lecturer)
Co- Researcher: Hiroyoshi Ohtsu (Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor)

Research Outline

We synthesized various porous network complexes by kinetic self-assembly of metal ions and bridging ligands by utilizing weak intermolecular interactions and investigated the relationship between unique physical properties and structures. Kinetically self-assembled network complexes are metastable soft crystals, which exhibit flexible structural changes in response to external stimuli such as mechanical force and heating. A strongly luminescent crystalline powder was obtained by heating a metastable porous network complex obtained by kinetic self-assembly of a copper complex and a tetradentate pyridine ligand. In this study, we aim to elucidate the origin of strong luminescence by determining the structure of photo-steady-state network complex by in-situ X-ray diffraction method and combining with transient absorption spectroscopy and theoretical calculation.

Enhancement of luminescence by structural change


Academic papers/reviewed


  1. "Through-Space Charge Transfer in Copper Coordination Networks with Copper-Halide Guest Anions" *H. Ohtsu, M. Okuyama, T. Nakajima, M. Iwamura, K. Nozaki, D. Hashizume, *M. Kawano, Inorg. Chem., 60, 9273–9277 (2021).
  2. "Stepwise Observation of Iodine Diffusion in a Flexible Coordination Network Having Dual Interactive Sites" *H. Ohtsu, J. Kim, T. Kanamaru, D. Inoue, D. Hashizume, *M. Kawano, Inorg. Chem., 60,17,13727–13735 (2021).
  3. "Multi-interactive coordination network featuring a ligand with topologically isolated p-orbitals" Y. Wada, H. Ohtsu, P. M. Usov, B. Chan, K. Deekomwong, *M. Kawano, Inorg. Chem., 60, 17858-17864 (2021).
  4. "Emergence of electrical conductivity in a flexible coordination polymer by using chemical reduction" K. Fuku, M. Miyata, S. Takaishi, T. Yoshida, M. Yamashita, N. Hoshino, T. Akutagawa, H. Ohtsu, M. Kawano, *H. Iguchi, Chem. Commun., 56, 8619-8622 (2020).

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