Hiroaki Iguchi

Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
Assistant Professor

Research AreasCoordination Chemistry, Solid State Physical Chemistry
Participating Group (2018-2019)

Development of Electron-Conductive Soft Crystals Based on Porous Molecular Conductors

Molecular Conductor, Porous Coordination Polymer/Metal-Organic Framework, One-Dimensional Electron System, Chemical Doping, Molecular Desorption/Adsorption, Electrocrystallization

Research Outline

Optical property is one of the characteristic features of “Soft Crystals”. In contrast, the switching of conducting and magnetic properties of “Soft Crystals” by using weak external stimuli have rarely been reported. Compounds with one-dimensional electron system such as molecular conductors are very promising for the components on this point, because they can change their conducting, magnetic and optical properties by light, pressure and temperature. However, conventional molecular conductors do not respond to the chemical or mechanical stimuli due to the dense packing of the molecules in the crystal. In this research, I focus on the fusion of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and molecular conductors to develop porous molecular conductors (PMCs). PMCs can be responsive to molecular sorption/desorption or mechanical stimuli to achieve the drastic change of the electronic states and properties. This will be the first rational design of the electron-conductive “Soft Crystals”.

Crystal Structure of Porous Molecular Conductor (PMC)


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